Memories: alley, Bank St

 This scoping picture of a small  alley off Bank St was made whilst I recently  wandered  around Adelaide's CBD in the late morning. I had driven the car  from Encounter Bay to Seaford Meadows,  caught the train into the city,  had a coffee in Leigh St and then started wandering around.    

 I  drifted  into Bank St  from Leigh St  as I was  looking  to see if the cafes were still closed  post Covid-19. I had a sense that the street life was returning to the city,  and I was curious to see if  the cafe's in the pedestrian friendly side streets were starting to re-open. Some in Leigh St were still closed and I wondered  if this was also the case in  Bank St. 

The alley  in Bank St was an  old haunt,  as I remembered that I used to clean the offices in the  building  next door  in the early days of doing the PhD. I would  put the rubbish into the bins in the alley each morning.  This would have been in the early 1990s. There were no cafes in Bank St then, and the  street  was not  pedestrian friendly. I thought  the alley would make a good subject  for a  large format b+w photo to show  the grittiness as well as  the history of the city.

I have been keeping an eye out for possible large format subjects, such as  liminal spaces like this one:

Judging from the above scoping study this looks  to be a possibility that is worth exploring.  Another  possibility for photographing in the city  with a large format camera  is  the  train travel option.  Though the travel time was  getting on to 2 hours it was more relaxing than driving into the city in the car and then looking fora carpark.  What  I do need is some kind of gorilla cart to carry my  gear around the city instead of lugging it. I can carry the 5x7Cambo etc but the combination of  the 8x10 SuperCambo,  Linhof  Pro tripod and associated gear is too heavy and bulky to lug around the city.